Traditional Funeral Ceremony followed by:

Traditional Funeral Ceremony -
A traditional funeral ceremony consists of a visitation, with an open or closed casket, the funeral ceremony, usually at the funeral home or church, and committal service at the graveside. The funeral is usually followed by a gathering or reception at any location.

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Traditional Funeral Ceremony followed by Cremation -
A traditional funeral ceremony followed by cremation includes everything mentioned above with one exception; the body would be transferred to the place of cremation following the services, after which, a gathering or reception of family and friends would be held.

Forwarding Deceased to another funeral home -
A deceased's family may be located in another location other than where the death has occurred. In which case we may assist in forwarding the deceased to another funeral home in Alaska or worldwide for funeral ceremony, cremation or interment.

Committal services or Immediate Burial -
Committal Services or Immediate Burial-Commital Services at the graveside or Immediate Burial may be held at a local cemetery to eliminate the visitation and funeral service.While this may be appropriate for some, the value of the visitation and traditional funeral ceremony should be considered.

Direct Cremation -
Direct Cremation offers a family an opportunity to view the body prior to the cremation, after which, memorial services may be held. Often times family members are located out of state and need travel time to allow an opportunity to say their good-byes. Although void of any ceremony with the body present a family may request that flowers, letters, and/or memorabilia be cremated with the person who died.

Memorial Services -
A memorial service (without the body present) may be held at the funeral home, church, or other location and would offer the family an opportunity to have closure, share memories with close friends , and to celebrate your loved one's life. This may be formal or informal depending on your needs.

Whichever arrangements you choose, your funeral director will assist you in personalizing the service to create a meaningful ceremony.